QUALIMS commercialises the SecureXLS software for pharmaceutical companies in particular. But why bother protecting Excel spreadsheets ?

SecureXLS responds to a real need for reliability and protection of Excel spreadsheets, for industrialists subject to high Quality and Security constraints.
This user-friendly software enables you to protect, distribute and share a base Excel spreadsheet which can go on to be used and saved securely as often as wished.

Main functions :
  • They are widely used for handling or recording sensitive information
  • The tools available with Excel enable you to create sophisticated calculation spreadsheets
  • Using Excel in a regulated environment is risky due to the huge number of tools available for breaching file security
  • The file creator is not immune to someone handling the file making an unintentional or intentional error
  • Excel does not satisfy current regulatory standards in its native state

More details

QUALIMS - Product sheetSecureXLS PDF