QUALIMS Labstock

Multistock Management Software for Reagents, Prepared Solutions and Consumables

QUALIMS - Labstock

QUALIMS LabStock is a tool which enables you to guarantee rigour in the way that laboratory reagents and consumables are used as well as ensuring effective financial management.
It provides real-time monitoring of stock and picking, notably when making up prepared solutions and ordered quantities. It thus both avoids breaks in supply and optimises quantities stored.

Our strengths :
  • Multi-laboratory stock management
  • Management of preparation methods for solutions and secondary reagents
  • Management of expiry dates before and after opening containers
  • Management of storage conditions
  • Management of safety data sheets and storage incompatibility
Main functions :
  • Supply management
  • Purchase management
  • Management of reagents, consumables and labels (bar code)
  • Management of prepared solutions and benchmarks
  • Consumption monitor / traceability
  • Storage conditions / storage incompatibility
  • Handling safety conditions
  • Analytical cost price management