Equipment Management Software


QUALIMS EQM is a tool which enables global quality control over the configuration of all equipment and systems within the company / organisation. This module is a 3 in 1 tool : it enables you to manage Quality, Maintenance and Metrology.


ProxyPark : QUALIMS EQM is going walkabout ! Access your data and perform operations straight from your laptop; then simply synchronise with your server database. It saves you time and energy while still respecting quality procedures and data protection.

Our strengths :
  • Planning of periodic tests
  • Control charts (managing equipment performance)
  • Management of spare parts and maintenance contracts
  • Management of system quality status including dispensation
  • Production of labels for system identification and status
Main functions :
  • Management of all equipment (production, laboratory, information systems, stockrooms, general departments, etc.)
  • Inventory of equipment (identification, location, responsibilities, etc.)
  • Monitor configuration of the systems and associated software
  • Links between different equipment, equipment and workstations, and equipment and systems
  • Test management (qualification, calibration, standardisation, maintenance, etc.)
  • Control charts (monitoring equipment performance)
  • Printing of equipment logbooks
  • Total traceability of equipment history
  • Printing of complete reports necessary in the event of an audit and equipment status labels

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