Administration Software for QUALIMS Products


QUALIMS ADM protects the information management system provided by the QUALIMS Suite professional software. To do so, QUALIMS ADM locates each module installed and centralises the management of rights, audit files and personalised environments linked to all user profiles. Using observation and testing tools, it guarantees that the QUALIMS applications are working properly and thus offers comprehensive traceability, indispensable for audits.

Main Functions :
  • Define profiles
  • Manage user rights
  • Identify each user and track their actions
  • In the event of an audit, provide tracking of all operations performed
  • Make certain functions or menus invisible
  • Configure printing rights for reports on offer in the various software
  • Optimise the number of user licences
  • Add personalised reports to Qualims applications

QUALIMS - ADM QUALIMS - ADM : Users Profiles QUALIMS - ADM : Connection histogram QUALIMS - ADM : Connections audits