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The QUALIMS Suite is a modular or integrated system. Each module specialises in one particular laboratory activity. Together they form a complete system managing all aspects of your laboratory, known as a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

The QUALIMS Suite modules either operate as stand-alone software or work together by means of dynamic links. When installed together, they guarantee traceability for all resources and monitor conditions in which results are obtained.

QUALIMS - Innovative software for laboratory management and traceability QUALIMS - QMS QUALIMS - DOC QUALIMS - DOC QUALIMS - SecureXLS QUALIMS - Labstock QUALIMS - EQM

The QUALIMS Suite is the only 100 % modular solution, enabling you to manage the traceability of all your laboratory resources while providing you with a modern, high-performance LIMS. All this is done in compliance with the Quality Assurance standards in force.